Inside-Out Prison Exchange

Inside Looking Out from Tiffany Stubbert on Vimeo.

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, which was founded at Temple University in 1997, is based on the belief that those of us inside and outside of prison, by studying together and working on issues of crime, justice, and related social concerns, can catalyze changes that will make our communities more inclusive, just, and socially sustainable. The mission of The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program is to increase opportunities for men and women, inside and outside prison, to have transformative learning experiences that emphasize collaboration and dialogue and that invite them to take leadership in addressing crime, justice, and other issues of social concern.

Since 2007, Professor Steven Shankman has taught in the Inside-Out Program through the University of Oregon’s Robert D. Clark Honors College, the Oregon State Penitentiary, and the Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI).

This year, Professor Shankman will be teaching an undergraduate at OSCI, as well as a graduate-level English course at OSP.

Check back soon for more information about course descriptions and the application process.

To learn more about the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program at the University of Oregon, click here. To learn more about the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program nationally, visit

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