• UNESCO Chair Steven Shankman’s Upcoming Talks
    The North American Levinas Society will host their annual conference virtually this year. This subject of this year’s conference is “THE FACE AND THE INTERFACE: Levinas, Teaching, & Technology”, July 20th-23rd, 2020. Conference participants will reflect on Levinas’s work from the perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic. UNESCO Chair and University of Oregon Professor Steven Shankman…

Crossings Institute

We all stand somewhere in relation to the story. The UNESCO Crossings Institute brings together 2 different pursuits; intercultural and inter-religious dialogue on the one hand and conflict-sensitive journalism on the other.

What a journalist reports can have consequences for the outcome of the story itself and if that story is part of a larger story of the state of intercultural or inter-religious dialogue in the world, what a journalist chooses to say can either heighten a sense of irreconcilable differences or open a window toward the peaceful resolution of these differences.

What our organization is interested in doing is bringing to the public’s attention the many stories of rapprochement between different cultures and religions; of acts of kindness and goodness that don’t make the headlines. Located at the University of Oregon, co-directors Steven Shankman and Peter Laufer, as well as students, attempt to promote intercultural and inter-religious dialogue through conflict-sensitive audio reporting, campus events, and intercultural and inter-religious conversations.

News & Events

  • The Climate Crisis Comes Home an Interview with Aurora Flynn
    Research and theory only stay in their books until the crisis they reveal burns down your house. Aurora Flynn is a climate researcher who saw first hand the destruction warming temperatures can unleash. While working in California, Flynn had to flee the 2019 fires that swept the state, mirroring the all consuming flames that captured…
  • Reunion and Escape on the Colombian-Venezuelan Border
    Juan-Carlos Molleda, Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon, found both a reunion and an escape went he traveled to Colombia to meet his family in Venezuela. He crossed border to help his family with the disintegrating situation and infrastructure in Venezuela and discusses the experience with Chris and…
  • Communicating Science in a Divided Society
    Author and journalist at the University of Oregon Professor Peter Laufer recently visited the University of Nevada as part of an expert group of panelists alongside Vanessa Serrao, creative director of storytelling for National Geographic, and Stephanie McAfee, climatologist and associate professor at the University of Nevada, Reno discussing issues that come with communicating scientific…