Paris, France: 9 February 2019

Notes from UNESCO:

Work at UNESCO is really starting to take off. I’m currently working on five stories. My Malawi story is pretty much wrapped up. I just interviewed Sangie the reggae singer involved with the project. That was the last piece of the story.

Right now, I’m working on three short stories for the UNESCO Event book. It’s published every year and is distributed during the general assembly. It essentially highlights UNESCO events and projects.

The first story is about the preservation of Lake Chad in central Africa. The second concerns the EU and UNESCO teaming up to provide radio training and equipment in Jordan.  And the third is concerning the Yemen peace talks. UNESCO collaborated with another organization to set up a newsroom for 11 Yemenis journalist that were allowed to cover the initial peace talks, during the December ceasefire.

My fifth story concentrates on the collaboration of organizations to eliminate the digital gender divide under the umbrella of Africa Code Week. This story is complicated, interesting, and will involve a serious time commitment. I’ve already reached out to the main points of contacts and my notes are starting to intermingle.

Notes from the Field:

I’ve been completely mesmerized by the amount of street art in Paris. The murals, graffiti, and art displayed around every corner. I’m constantly pulling over to capture the beautiful images and displays.

Walking to dinner one night my wife and I stumbled under a giant interior light shade, draped above our heads, a group of them were interlinked down the street, connected by the narrow row of buildings. Each designed and decorated by a different designer. I started dancing down the street feeling completely illuminated by creativity.


Getting lost is just the opportunity to find new art. I found this piece while trying to get Google to cross-reference my location correctly in the Saint-Germain area. I started to imagine myself participating in an all women Paris fight club.

I actively encourage our visitors to interact with street art. Luckily, my friends are pretty cool and enjoy participating in silly activities.

Ryann found this mural while hunting for stairs to workout on. Apparently, the man a famous comedian that was born in the 14th arrondissement (our neighborhood) and his wife was an important humanitarian.

These are just a couple of pieces that I’ve stumbled upon.

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