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  • Women at the University of Oregon create safe and equal space for prayer
    The Islamic call to prayer is rarely recited by a woman; in fact, it almost never is. While many Islamic schools of thought discourage women from leading prayer, women at the University of Oregon are disrupting that norm. The women's prayer space is the new brainchild of students and leaders at the university to create…

Crossings Institute

We all stand somewhere in relation to the story. The UNESCO Crossings Institute brings together 2 different pursuits; intercultural and inter-religious dialogue on the one hand and conflict-sensitive journalism on the other.

What a journalist reports can have consequences for the outcome of the story itself and if that story is part of a larger story of the state of intercultural or inter-religious dialogue in the world, what a journalist chooses to say can either heighten a sense of irreconcilable differences or open a window toward the peaceful resolution of these differences.

What our organization is interested in doing is bringing to the public’s attention the many stories of rapprochement between different cultures and religions; of acts of kindness and goodness that don’t make the headlines. Located at the University of Oregon, co-directors Steven Shankman and Peter Laufer, as well as students, attempt to promote intercultural and inter-religious dialogue through conflict-sensitive audio reporting, campus events, and intercultural and inter-religious conversations.

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